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6 Channel ECG Machine

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BPL 8108 View ECG machine, 6 Channel
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120,000.00 83,500.00
ColorWhite Screen Size 5.7Inch AC input voltage100-240 V
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Colorwhite AC input voltage100 - 240 V
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ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)216mm X 147mm X 61mm Screen Size 3.5Inch
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ColorWHITE Screen Size 5Inch AC input voltage100 - 240V
Contec 600G 6 Channel ECG Machine
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69,000.00 49,500.00
GE Mac 800 ECG Machine, 6 Channel ECG machine
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185,203.00 136,423.00
Hygeia Digital 6 Channel Electrocardiograph 6T
Save 16%
64,109.00 54,136.00
Product Dimension (mm)410mm x 320mm x 240mm Product Weight2.25Kg

6-Channel ECG Machine-

This article covers the features, costs, maintenance requirements as well as types available along with how it operates that users should be familiar with; regarding automated external 6-channel machines saving lives in challenging times via electric shocks facilitating heart recovery from irregular beats.

Understanding the 6-Channel ECG Machine:

An ECG machine is a tool with six channels used in the medical sector to measure the electrical activities on the human heart that goes through six leads at a time concurrent. They are more sophisticated than single-channel or 3 channel machines, because they give detailed information., when compared with one-channel or 3 channel machines.

Key Features of 6-Channel ECG Machine-

Concurrent Recording Capability:

Imagine this cutting-edge device as your personal productivity aid recording data from six separate parts of your body at the same time.

Optimized Search Precision- 

Maximum Search Accuracy: On the screen, accurate and clear information about your heart is given by this instrument which employs high-quality technology.

Portability and Versatility 

These devices are versatile travel mates that can be conveniently stationed in hospitals, clinics or any place where healthcare provision is necessary. They are designed to be portable and versatile

Intuitive User Interface -

 devices are versatile travel mates that can be conveniently stationed in hospitals, clinics or any place where healthcare provision is necessary. They are designed to be portable and versatile

Efficient Data Management and Connectivity:

 This incredible machine ensures efficient heart data management and data analysis and reported in two ways that offer direct help to the doctor of the patient.

Benefits of 6-Channel ECG Machine-

It provides a heart monitoring that is detailed, captures more than one heart view simultaneously and enhances diagnostic accuracy thus saves time. With a user friendly design, it is easy to operate while its portability makes it possible for multiple settings usage hence making it suitable for complete cardiac care.

Price list of 6 Channel ECG Machine-

S.N.Brand/ ModelPrice
1BPL 6 channel ECG Machine₹ 80,000 - ₹ 85,000
2Contec 6 channel ECG Machine ₹ 48000 - ₹ 51000 
3Clarity 6 channel ECG Machine₹ 51000 - ₹ 55000
4GE MAC 800 6 ECG Machine₹90,000- ₹ 136,423.00    

Maintenance of 6- Channel ECG Machine-

Monitoring of a 6-channel ECG System: 

For quality standards to be maintained was critical to maintaining the 6 channel ECG machine.

 Regular cleaning: 

The machine should always be stored safely. To avoid damage always keep the machine in a safe place when it is not being used.

 Regular inspection: 

make sure that the operation is regularly reviewed and adjusted.

 Store the machine safely: 

Safe storage of machines helps avoid damage that may occur while the machine is not in use.

 Personnel Action- 

 if there is a problem get an expert to repair it so that the engine will continue to run efficiently.

How to use 6 Channel ECG machine-

Prepare the Patient: Have the patient lie comfortably, expose their chest, and clean the skin if necessary.

Attach Electrodes: Place electrodes on specific areas of the chest and limbs according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Select Settings: Choose the appropriate settings for the type of ECG recording needed.

Start Recording: Begin the recording process, ensuring electrodes have good contact with the skin.

Frequently question & answer-

How many channels does it have? 

It has six channels for comprehensive heart monitoring.

Is it easy to use?

 Yes, it features a user-friendly interface for simple operation.

Can it be used in different settings?

 Absolutely, it's versatile for use in various healthcare environments.

What about data storage?

 It typically includes storage options for saving and accessing patient data efficiently.