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Dialysis Equipment

ADfusion AV Blood Line
Save 54%
499.00 231.00
ADfusion Blood Tubing Box of 25
Save 6%
7,000.00 6,562.00
Product Weighto.1Kg
ADfusion Long Term Haemodialysis Catheter Kit
Save 40%
16,170.00 9,625.00
ADfusion Peritoneal Dialysis Catheter
Save 4%
3,000.00 2,887.00
ADfusion Single Lumen Femoral Catheter
Save 15%
545.00 462.00
ADfusion Transducer Protector Box of 250
Save 4%
4,999.00 4,812.00
ADfusion Triple Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter Kit
Save 45%
5,082.00 2,800.00
ALSPL ADfusion Double Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter (Mini Pack)
Save 56%
2,800.00 1,225.00
Catheter Length13Cm & 16Cm Length & Size13cm & 12Fr(Curved) ,16cm &12Fr (Straight)
ALSPL ADfusion Double Lumen Haemodialysis Catheter Kit
Save 56%
3,811.50 1,694.00
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AC input voltage100 - 240V
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B BRAUN Dialog+ Hemodialysis Machine
Free shipping
ColorWhite Product Weight85Kg AC input voltage100 - 240 V
ColorWHITE Product Weight45Kg
Baxter Gambro AK 98 Dialysis Machine
Save 32%
1,250,000.00 856,200.00
Dora Aero Hemodialysis Blood Tubing Set
Save 52%
4,620.00 2,195.42
Product Weight0.2Kg
Dora Aero Hemodialysis Tubing Set, pack of 12
Save 50%
4,400.00 2,195.00
Dora High Flux Dialyzer
Save 13%
999.00 872.00
Out of stock
Dora Low Flux Dialyzer
Save 17%
799.00 663.00


1.4 SQM - Single 1.6 SQM - Single
Size1.6 SQM - Single
Dora Low Flux Dialyzer
Save 22%
799.00 623.00


1.4 SQM - Single 1.6 SQM - Single
Size1.4 SQM - Single
Fresenius  FX 60 High Flux Dialyser
Save 13%
899.00 785.00
Fresenius 4008A Dialysis Machine
Save 6%
800,000.00 750,600.00
Fresenius 5008S Dialysis Machine
Save 2%
1,579,000.00 1,540,000.00
ColorGrey Product Weight125Kg


Dialysis equipment is a group of medical devices used to filter waste product and excess water from the blood of the people whose kidney are not working properly. The main part of hemodialysis equipments called a dialysis machine or dialyzer. It works as an artificial kidney by removing urea, creatinine and extra fluid from the blood. In this, patient’s blood go through the tube lines and filter on the dialysis machine for cleaning and then return to patient’s body.

 Dialysis equipment also includes items like tubing sets, dialyzer filters, pumps, monitors and supplies need to connect the patient safely to the dialysis machine during treatment.


Hemodialysis Machine

This machine is large device that filter waste and excess water from blood. Blood pumped out of the machine which passes through a filter called dialyzer and returned to body after cleaning.

Peritoneal Dialysis Cyclers

This are small at home dialysis equipment used for different types of dialysis done at home. It controls flow of dialysis solution into and out of abdomen to filter the waste products from, the blood across the peritoneal membrane.

Dialyzers and filters

Dialyzer are the main filter in hemodialysis machine. dialysis medical equipment contains semi-permeable members which allow waste products to pass out from the blood and keep larger blood cells and protein inside.

Blood tubing sets and Lines

This dialysis medical equipmentare plastic tubing lines that carry the patient’s blood from the body into dialysis machine. It must be sterile and air bubbles free.

Dialysate Delivery Systems

It is a dialysis medical equipmentin which fluid passes through the dialyzer to remove waste from the blood. This system mixes and regulate the temperature and the composition of cleansing fluid.


kidney dialysis equipment is designed to clean the blood when kidney does not function its work properly. There is main two types of dialysis – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.


In this the dialysis machine is the key equipment. It draws out blood through a tube attached to the patient. Blood travels through a filter called a dialyzer machine. Dialyzer is made up of thousand hallow membranes. Blood passes through this narrow tubes and extract waste products by using principles of diffusion and ultrafiltration.


This renal dialysis equipment is simple having just bags of dialysate solution and tubing. This dialysate solution installed into patient abdomen, where peritoneal member acts as the filter. Waste product move from the blood vessels in the abdomen into the dialysate. Fluids then replaced with fresh solution.

Then the clean blood returned to the patient body through another tube. This process of filtering of blood and returning it continues for several hours during each session of dialysis treatment.

In both above cases dialysis equipment is essential.


Blood Pump

It helps to move the patient’s blood through the tubing lines to the dialyzer filter. It controls the blood flow rate during treatment.

Dialysate Delivery System

This system helps to mix the dialysate fluid and regulate temperature and composition. It pumps dialysate through dialyser on the opposite side of the blood.

Dialysate composition

dialysate contains mixtures like sodium, calcium and potassium that help to draw waste out of the blood effectively.

Heparin Pump

It is blood thinner. It gets continuously pumped into the blood circuit during dialysis to prevent clotting.

Air Traps and Detectors

This use sensors to detect air bubbles in blood line, this air bubble could be dangerous if pumped in body. Air traps physically remove bubbles.

Monitor and Alarms

These systems continuously monitor critical parameter like blood and dialysate flow rates, pressures and composition levels. These alarms alert staff if levels become unsafe.


Disinfection and cleaning Process

dialysis medical equipmentmust be disinfected to prevent spreading infections. It involves using approved disinfectant solutions and following strict cleaning protocols.

Calibration and Testing

Pumps, sensor and monitors, Dialysis equipment need to be regular calibrated and tested to make sure it provides accurate and safe operation.

Troubleshooting common Issues

Staff should be trained to troubleshoot common equipment issues like air bubbles in line, alarms or error codes.

Preventive Maintenance Schedules

Dialysis machine and related renal dialysis equipmentrequire routine maintenance as per following manufacturers schedule. It includes filter changes, updates and part replacement.


Life sustaining treatment

Dialysis equipment provide life sustaining treatment for the patient whose kidney has failed. It replaces impure blood by clear blood.

Improved Quality of life

By removing excess waste and fluids from body, patient feel better and have more energy which maintain better quality of life.

Customizable Treatment

Many machines provide facility to customize the dialysis dose, temperature, ultrafiltration rate and other parameters for each patient’s specific need.

Enhanced safety features

new dialysis equipment has advanced safety feature like air bubble detector, blood leak monito and automated checks to make treatment as safe as possible.

Water Treatment Integration

New models have water purification components which make sure dialysate fluids meet quality standard for use.

Compact, portable design

Some dialysis machine brand offers small and portable and even wearable option which give patient flexibility for home dialysis.

Automated Features

Modern dialysis equipment is automated that it can automated mix dialysate and ultrapure treated water and increase efficiency.


Blood Leak Detection

Machine have sensors that can detect if blood is leaking out of the tube lines. If a leak is detected then machine raises an alarm and stops the blood pump to prevent blood loss.

Air Bubble Detection

Air bubbles entering in blood stream can be very dangerous. Dialysis machine used detector to identify air bubble in the line, if bubble found then machine prevents that air to be pumped into patient.

Ultrafiltration Control

During dialysis, extra fluid is removed from the patient’s body called ultrafiltration. It controls removing too much fluid quickly, which could make patient ill.

Temperature Monitoring

temperature of dialysate solution and patient blood is continuously monitoring. Improper temperature can damage blood cells. Alarm alert staff if temperature become unsafe.

Electrical Safety Measure

It has ground fault monitors and other safety features which prevent electric current from reaching blood lines or dialysate solution, which is harmful to the patient.


Portable and Wearable dialysis Devices

Instead of going hospital patient can perform dialysis at home. This small at home dialysis equipment are small, lightweight and more flexible.

Sorbent Dialysis Systems

Traditional dialysis system uses large volume of dialysate fluid that needed frequent replacement. Sorbent system regenerate and reuse small volume of dialysate using special sorbent cartridges to remove waste repeatedly.

Dialysis membrane Improvements

Membrane that filter blood are a key component of dialyzer. New membrane and design allow more efficient waste removal.

Dialysis Data Management systems

Advanced software can capture or analyse large amount of data.


  • At home dialysis equipment or haemodialysis equipment are quite expensive. The dialysis equipment price can vary depending on the type or whether it is used in home or in a dialysis centre.
  • A basic hemodialysis machine used for dialysis centre can cost around Rs.6,00,000 to Rs. 8,00,000. More advanced models with extra feature dialysis equipment cost around Rs. 15,00,00. Dialyzer or filter need to replace for each patient and it cost around Rs. 1,000 – Rs. 2000 each.
  • Home dialysis, a portable machine dialysis equipment cost around Rs.12,00,000 to Rs. 15,00,000. Setting of water treatment plant required at home and this dialysis equipment price is Rs. 2,00,000 to Rs. 4,00,000.
  • Peritoneal dialysis cyclers used for home can cost around Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs. 5,00,000. Patients also need PD fluid bags which cost Rs. 600 to Rs. 800 per bag.
Dialysis MachinePrice
Dialysis MachineINR 5.5 lakh to INR 15.5 lakh
DialyzerINR 800 to INR 5,500
Transducer ProtectorINR 3,000 to INR 5,500
Dialyzer Reprocessing MachineINR 3.5 lakh to INR 8 lakh
Peritoneal Dialysis EquipmentINR 1,000 to INR 1.5 lakh
Hemodialysis MachineINR 7 lakh to INR 15 lakh
Dialysis TubingINR 2,000 to INR 7,000
CRRT MachineINR 8 lakh to INR 25 lakh
Perm CatheterINR 2,000 to INR 56,000
Hemodialysis CatheterINR 1,000 to INR 1.5 lakh


Fresenius Medical care

It is the largest supplier of dialysis product worldwide. They make hemodialysis machine like 2008 series as well as peritoneal dialysis cycles under liberty brand.

Baxter International

It is another leading company, Their Diamaxhemodialysis system and home choice peritoneal dialysis cycle is mostly used in clinic and homes.

Nipro Corporation

This is Japanese company who produces surdial line of hemodialysis machine as well as dialyzers and blood tube set commonly used with their equipment.

B. Braun

It manufacture dialog+ hemodialysis system along with the supplies like solutions, bloodlines and dialyzers.


Q. How often does the dialysis equipment need to be replaced?

Ans. Hemodialysis machines last for 5-7 years with proper maintenance. Dialyzers are single use only. Other disposable items like bloodlines and dialysate bags must be changed after each treatment.

Q. How is dialysis equipment cleaned and disinfected?

Ans. By using chemical and heat disinfectants between each patient use.

Q. What type of filters are used during dialysis?

Ans. Dialyzers contains thousand of hollow fibre membranes which acts a filter. It allows waste product to pass from the blood into the dialysate while keeping blood cell inside.

Q. What safety checks are done on the equipment?

Ans. Machine self-tests, calibrations and conductivity test are run before each treatment.

Q. How portable are the dialysis machine?

Ans. There are compact home and portable models are also available which can be transported.