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OT Light

ACME 1103 Ceiling Shadow less Operating Light
Save 18%
45,000.00 37,000.00


Aluminum of 6.5" dia. Dichroic glass of 6.5" dia
Reflectors Dichroic glass of 6.5" dia
ACME 1104 Ceiling Shadow less Operating Light
Save 27%
42,739.20 31,342.08
ACME Ceiling Shadow less OT Light
Save 7%
75,000.00 70,000.00
Out of stock


Aluminum of 6.5" dia. Dichroic glass of 6.5" dia.
ReflectorsDichroic glass of 6.5" dia.
ACME OT ceiling light, Shadow less
Save 23%
35,000.00 27,000.00
Out of stock


Aluminum of 14.5" dia. Dichroic glass of 14.5" dia.
ReflectorsAluminum of 14.5" dia.
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what is OT Light:

An OT light, also known as an operation theater light, is a specially designed light used in a surgical suite during medical procedures. These lights are designed to provide bright, clear and shadow-free light so that surgeons can view the surgical field with great precision and accuracy. OT lights are an essential component of any surgical suite and are used in all types of surgical procedures, including minimally invasive procedures, diagnostic procedures, emergency surgery, and dental surgery.

 Importance of OT Light -

  Sight is enabled by light, as it is necessary for vision. It is through photosynthesis supported by it     that plant life and all food chains are dependent. When people receive sunlight on their skin, there   is an increased level of vitamin d in their body which promotes good human health” Alongside its   use in communication systems this source of energy supports biological rhythms.


 Key Features of OT Light-


Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature- Surgery lamps are made to light up a room of any color and brightness that perfectly suits every surgery session hence enabling a surgeon to be extremely keen in their operation.

Adjustable Arm and Center: The illuminators utilized within the surgery rooms have an adaptable arm layout and a focusing apparatus which lets them be refined in order to illuminate a particular section during operation."

Sterilization Capabilities: Sterilization is promoted because it is simple to clean and sterilize the lights in the operating theatre. A clean room for operations is therefore provided which lowers infection risks.

Durability and Longevity:  Durability and longevity are enhanced when OT lights are fabricated from strong materials and requiring less or no maintenance they are reliable enough to withstand numerous surgeries.

Energy Efficiency: Energy efficiency refers to the amount of power used in relation to the amount of light produced in a system.

Benefits of OT Light-

Optimal Illumination- The purpose of OT lighting is to offer bright and selective illumination that supports effective visual control in the course of operations that need precision and accuracy.

Shadow Reduction: OTs reduce shadows that makes light in surgical field uniform and allows visualization of tissues and structures so well by doctors.

Adjustability: Adjustability OT lights allows surgeons to tailor the lighting to suit various procedures as well as personal preferences by adjusting brightness, color and size.

Heat Management: Heat management is very important in the operating room to ensure the safety of patients and doctors and there is little heat produced by the OT lights just to achieve this necessity.

Sterility Maintenance: In order to ensure the cleanliness of the operating room, reduce incidences of infection and safeguard patient health, OT lights are constructed with ease of cleaning in mind.

OT LIGHT Price in India- 

Operating room lighting is a very costly equipment used in hospitals as well as surgical facilities .In India, a single OT light may cost anywhere from approximately Re. 3,00,000 to over Re. 15,00,000 depending on the manufacturer features or brand. High quality OT lights are usually not cheap owing to their significance and latest technology developments they include.

Best OT Machine in India: 

TECHNOMED TMT C5 mobile LED OT light- The TECHNOMED TMT C5 by TECHNOMED TMT C5 mobile LED Operating Light is an ideal solution for all types of surgeries because it is portable and has increased intensity or variable illumination settings for any working distance.

MEDINAIN OT Light- MEDINAIN OT Light provides bright, focused illumination for surgical procedures, enhancing visibility and precision in the operating room.

MAQUET OT Light- MAQUET OT Light gives strong, adjustable light, making it easier for surgeons to see clearly and work precisely during surgeries in the operating room.

KLS MARTIN OT Light- KLS MARTIN OT Light provides strong, adjustable light, making it easier for doctors to see clearly and work precisely during surgeries in the operating room.

BJS OT Light- BJS OT Light provides clear, adjustable light for surgeries, ensuring that doctors can see well and work accurately in the operating room.

Maintenance of OT Machine- 

To make sure that any OT Lights function well and live long, there has to be proper maintenance done on them on a regular basis. Including regular cleaning, they should also change bulbs whenever necessary and get inspected after some time by someone who knows what they are doing. If these steps are followed, then their life expectancy would be prolonged while there would be no interruptions in light when surgeons perform important procedures.

Types of OT Lights-

Ceiling Lights: The surgery area is brighten by these lights which are on top

Mobile Light: Those are similar to how lamps with wheels look like which can be taken from     one part of the operating room to another.

 Headlights: Headlights are lights that are worn on the head by surgeons when doing their jobs in order to be able to see well.

 LED Lights:  LED lights have super bright and eco-friendly bulbs which are commonly known as LED bulbs.

 Adjustable Lights: these lights can readjust luminosity or relocate to opposite areas to increase visibility during operation.

Frequently asked question:-

Q1:How does the machine work? 

It operates using advanced algorithms to analyze data and perform tasks efficiently.

Q2:Is it user-friendly? 

Yes, it has an intuitive interface designed for easy use.

Q3:What is the maintenance requirement?

 Regular software updates and occasional hardware checks are needed.