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Vital Signs Monitor

BPL Magna 3 Parameter Monitor - ECG, SpO2, NIBP
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90,000.00 64,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)235 X 174 X 140 mm Product Weight2.5Kg Screen Size 7Inch
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Comen NC3 Vital Sign Monitor
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112,404.00 68,383.00
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Contec CMS5100 Patient Monitor NIBP/SPO2/PR
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40,000.00 13,900.00
Contec CMS5100 Two Para, Vital Sign Monitor
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40,000.00 13,900.00
CONTEC CMS6000 Patient Monitor
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49,800.00 36,756.00
Contec Two Para Patient Monitor
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28,000.00 25,500.00
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ColorWHITE AC input voltage100 - 240 V
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ColorWHITE AC input voltage100 - 240 V
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Meditec England M302, 8 inch Vital Sign Patient Monitor,
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64,109.00 54,000.00
Screen Size 8Inch
Medsun MD5100 Vital Sign patient Monitor (SpO2+NIBP+PR)
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40,000.00 13,500.00
ColorWHITE,Black Product Weight1.5Kg
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Colorwhite Product Weight4Kg Screen Size 8.1Inch
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Three Para Vital Sing Monitor  ( SPO2 , PR and NIBP)
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42,739.00 25,600.00
Vital Signs Monitor, Choicemmed MD2000B
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42,739.00 34,467.00
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Vital signs monitor is a medical device used in medical facilities to measure and display important body functions. It can also provide printout through which medical staff check patient’s vital signs are normal or not. Abnormal vital sign can give alert to provide right medical treatment at right time. Main function of vital sign monitor is to display

  • Heart rate - It tracks how many times in a minute your heart beat beats.
  • Blood pressure – It measures the force of blood pushed against the wall of arteries.
  • Respiratory rate – It counts how many breathes in a minute you take.
  • Body temperature–It detect body temperature, usually it is measured under the tongue or armpit.
  • Blood oxygen levels – Some monitors also measure amount if oxygen in blood.


  • Vital parameter monitorplays an important role in healthcare. It helps doctor and nurses to keep close watch on the patient’s body function. Like Heartbeat, Blood pressure, breathing rate, body temperature etc.
  • By tracking this vital sign, Vital monitorshows all the details if there is something that don’t seems right in the body. It alert doctors and nurses and provide fast treatment.  As this vital sign shows if heart rate increase means there is infection or other problem, in blood pressure reading it indicate heart disease risk or other health issue, Low breathing rates indicates breathing issues.
  • As soon as doctor get this information, they can provide proper treatment before it becomes big.Vitals monitoris especially for crucial sick patients. Vital monitor machines used in ICU to constant monitor patients, Alarms beep if this sign goes beyond safety level, allowing staff to respond immediately.


  • Vital sign machinehas changed a long way in technologies. There was also a day when bulky machine was attached to patient with lots of wire and cables. Latest vitals machineis more advanced and user-friendly with touch screen.
  • Now wireless vital signs equipmentis also available and it helps patients to move anywhere without getting tangled up.
  • Another Improvement is remote Vital machine. It is possible just because of internet connectivity, vital signs can be tracked from anywhere. Patient wear portable monitor and it directly send updates to doctor, and help in managing disease form home.
  • Vital signs monitor in hospitalhave become smarter and more compact with the changes of time. Vital signs monitoring devices uses advanced alarms and algorithms to detect vital signs.
  • Wearable devices are also getting better for tracking few vital signs, which help to stay more informed about any health issue.


Body’s vital signs are the measures of our body health and functions. It provides important information what’s going inside in body. But what the numbers actually indicate, let’s decode some common vital sign’s

Heart rate

It counts how many times in a minute heart beats. Heart beat goes up when anyone does exercise as body need more oxygen-rich blood. Normal heart beat rates are 60-100 beats per minute. Very high or very low rate can cause heart issues.

Blood Pressure

It measures the force of blood pushing through arteries. The top number shown is systolic pressure and the bottom is diastolic pressure. Normal blood pressure range is 120/80. High blood pressure can increase heart attack or heart stroke.

Breathing rate

Respirations per minute counts how many breathe a person takes. Normal rate is 12-20breathe per minute while resting. Higher rates indicate body needs more oxygen. It can may be due to illness, asthma or anxiety.

Body temperature

body temperature reflects if you have a fever or illness. Normal oral temperature is 98.6-degree F (37 degree C). 101-degree F indicate fever.

Oxygen Saturation

Some Vital monitor measure the oxygen level in blood. Normal range is 95-100% for healthy. Lower level can indicate breathing problems like asthma, pneumonia or lung disease.

Knowing normal range of this Vital parameter monitor is important.


Vitals monitoruse clever techniques to accurate measure body’s vital signs.

Different Sensor for different Vital signs

Each vital signs requires a specific type of sensor to measure.

Smart measurement techniques

Only sensors is not enough, Vital sign machinealso use smart measurement method.

Accurate and calibrated

For reading to know the exact body response vital signs equipmenthave too precise. Regular maintenance and calibration checks are important.

Heart Rate

It is detected by a specific type of sensor to measure properly.

Blood Pressure

A squeezable cuff is placed at your arm to sense the pulses.


A thermometer is used to know the body temperature.

Breathing Rate

Stretchy bands placed around your chest which expand and contract with breaths.

Blood Oxygen 

A small clip is placed at finger tip to calculate oxygen level.

These sensors convert signal from body into data that can display on the Vital monitor machines.

Blood Pressure

Cuff slowly stop blood flow, then release the pulses once blood flows again.


Sensitive sensor and camera pick up chest movement to count respiration accurately.

Pulse Oximeter

It calculate oxygen by analysing how light is absorbed differently by oxygenated and deoxygenated blood.


Multiparameter Monitoring

Most vital signs equipment can measure and display multiple vital signs readings on one screen. It helps to see all data together and provide a complete picture.

Customized Alarm setting

Alarm can set high or low for each vital sign parameter. This allows easy catching of any concerning health changes.

Data Storage

It can store 100 to 1000 previous readings.

Wireless connectivity

Many new Vital monitor machines can transmit data wirelessly through Wi-fi or Bluetooth to other devices like phone, tablet etc.

Automatic measurements

Vital signs monitor in hospital can take automatic reading instead of manual.

Big screen Display

Most monitor have large, bright display which make it easy to view all data across the room.


In high stress healthcare environments like emergency room and intensive care unit, Vital signs monitor in hospital plays an important role. Here situation is on very high-risk so every moment count.

  • Continuous monitoring is critical – Its very important to continuously check the vital signs as slight change in this vital sign can affect health and create emergency. So emergency room and ICU is equipped with advanced Vital machine. Vital signs monitoring devices are connected to networks for easy tracking.
  • Advanced Monitoring techniques – To get fast and accurate result, Hospitals monitor use cutting-edge measurement like-
  • Rapid response- With the help of Vital monitor abnormal vitals can be detected earlier and treatment can be done Fastly.
  • Multi-lead ECG heart monitoring
  • Capnography to measure breathing level.
  • Central venous catheters to track blood oxygen.


Early Warning system

It can detect even small changes in vital measurement to control any health issue. Catching problems early allows doctor to treat them sooner before it become critical.

Continuous Monitoring

It can take multiple times measurement to track vital signs. It helps doctor to get information of sudden changes of vital signs in high-risk patient.

More comprehensive data

Vital parameter monitor can measure multiple vital signs together. It gives more detailed information.

Higher accuracy

Compared to manual, Vital monitor machinesused advance sensor to get the result and this comes with high accuracy.

Increased Safety

It increases safety by immediately alerting staff in emergency room and ICUs for rapid response.

Remote monitoring

It provide facility to transmit data wirelessly, allowing remote monitoring.


  • Basic vital Signs Monitor- Vital signs monitoring devices that measure just few vital signs is affordable. Simple handheld or tabletop model can cost around Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000.
  • More advanced monitors-Vital signs monitor price with more measurement capabilities and parameters can go up. Vital monitor with features like wireless connectivity can range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 50,000.
  • High-end Hospital Monitor- It use in critical care units. It can measure ECG, invasive blood pressure, cardiac output and more. Price for this monitor is from Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 2,00,000.



It is one of the leading brands for Vital signs monitoring devices. Its products from basic to advanced can be used in intensive care unit in hospital. Some popular models are suresigns series and intellivue monitors.


It is well known Japanese brand which made both professional and home health monitor. Its products include upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors, also it makes devices that measure pulse rate.


This manufacturer is affordable and provide quality Vital signs monitoring devices suitable for home, clinic and hospital. Its product includes Oximeter, blood pressure units, thermometer and multi-parameter vital signs monitors.


It is German brand manufacturer who makes upper arm and wrist blood pressure monitors and oximeters.


Q. What vital signs can be measured with these monitors?

Ans. Common vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, body temperature and oxygen can be measured.

Q. How accurate vital signs monitors are?

Ans. When used correctly, Vital signs monitors give accurate measurement.

Q. How often should the monitor be calibrated?

Ans. Manufacturers recommend to calibrate monitor annually or depend on set of uses to maintain accuracy.

Q. Can Vital signs data be stored or transferred?

Ans. Yes, many monitors store patient data and can be transferred, wireless through electronic medical records and mobile apps.

Q. Are vital signs monitor suitable for home use?

Ans. Yes, Some Vital parameter monitor designed for home use, they are compact and easy to use.