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Simple hospital Patient bed

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ACME  Pediatric Hospital Bed
Save 50%
31,484.54 15,671.04
Product Dimension (mm)1450mm X 650mm X 600mm
ACME folding simple hospital bed for patients cum chair
Save 52%
25,400.00 12,300.00


M.S. S.S
MaterialM.S. Product Dimension (mm)1880mm X 500mm X 500mm
ACME Plain Hospital Bed
Save 51%
27,780.48 13,534.08
Product Dimension (mm)1900mm X 900mm X 600mm
ACME Simple Hospital Attendant Bed
Save 58%
28,492.80 11,966.98
Product Dimension (mm)1900 mm x 900 mm x 600 mm
Surgix Attendant Chair Cum Patient bed
Save 50%
48,437.76 24,218.88
Surgix Hospital Bed Plain Delux Sunmica Panels
Save 63%
64,108.80 23,506.56
Product Dimension (mm) 198 x 90 x 60 cms
Surgix Pediatric Bed
Save 66%
47,013.12 15,955.52
Surgix Simple clinical bed with ABS Panels
Save 56%
48,437.76 21,369.60
Surgix Simple hospital Patient Bed
Save 69%
31,769.92 9,972.48
Product Dimension (mm) 167L x 60W x 40H cms
Surgix Simple Medical bed
Save 66%
55,560.96 19,090.40
Surgix Simple Steel hospital bed (Wire Mesh Platform)
Save 66%
49,862.40 17,095.68

Description of Simple Hospital Patient Bad:

A simple hospital bed is a medical bed designed for patients who require medical care and treatment at home or in a healthcare facility. It typically features adjustable head and footrests, a height-adjustable frame, and side rails for safety and support. Simple hospital beds are often used for patients with mobility issues, chronic conditions, or recovering from surgery. They can also be used in hospice care or for end-of-life care.

Features of Simple Hospital Beds :

Simple hospital beds are designed with various features that enhance the comfort and convenience of patients. Here are some of the features of simple hospital beds:

  • Adjustable Height: Most simple hospital beds come with an adjustable height feature that allows caregivers to raise or lower the bed's height to a comfortable level for the patient.
  • Adjustable Head and Footrest: Simple hospital beds also feature adjustable head and footrests that allow patients to sit up or lie down at different angles for maximum comfort.
  • Side Rails: Side rails are an essential feature of simple hospital beds, providing support and security for patients who are at risk of falling out of bed.
  • Wheels: Simple hospital beds come equipped with wheels that allow for easy movement of the bed from one location to another.
  • Mattresses: Simple hospital beds come with specialized mattresses that provide maximum comfort and support to patients.

Uses of Simple Hospital Beds:

Simple hospital beds are primarily used in medical facilities, particularly in hospitals, but they are also used in other settings, such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and home healthcare settings. Here are some of the uses of simple hospital beds:

  • Patient Comfort: Simple hospital beds provide patients with a comfortable and supportive place to rest and recover from illness, injury, or surgery.
  • Medical Treatment: Simple hospital beds are used to facilitate medical treatment, such as wound care, IV therapy, and respiratory therapy.
  • Patient Mobility: Simple hospital beds are designed to enhance patient mobility by providing ease of movement, support, and safety.
  • Elderly Care: Simple hospital beds are also used in elderly care settings, providing comfort and support for seniors who require specialized care.