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Cardiac Monitor

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Optional Items / ParametersIBP, CO, EtCO2, AGM Product Weight2.8Kg Screen Size 12Inch
BPL Elite View EV8 Cardiac Monitor, 8 inch Multipara Monitor
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75,000.00 65,000.00
BPL Excello 5 Para Cardiac Patient Monitor - ECG, RESP, SPO2 ( Digital ), NiBP, TEMP.
Save 6%
90,000.00 85,000.00
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)318 x 264 x 152mm Product Weight4.5Kg
BPL Excello Advance Multipara Monitor, 10.4 inch Cardiac Monitor
Save 6%
90,000.00 85,000.00
Optional Items / ParametersDual IBP, Non Invasive Cardiac Output, EtCO2, AGM Product Dimension (mm)318 mm x 264 mm x 152 mm Product Weight4.5Kg
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Optional Items / ParametersIBP, EtCO2, Product Dimension (mm)242 X 218 X 121mm Screen Size 8Inch
BPL Ultima Prime Multipara Monitor, 12.1 inch Cardiac Monitor
Save 9%
98,000.00 89,000.00
Optional Items / ParametersDual IBP, CO, EtCO2, AGM Product Dimension (mm)318 x 264 x 152mm Product Weight4.5Kg
Comen C50 Cardiac patient monitor,  7 parameter, US FDA approved, touch screen
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Save 37%
135,341.00 85,000.00
Optional Items / ParametersDual IBP Screen Size 10Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
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Optional Items / ParametersIBP, CO, EtCO2, AGM Screen Size 15Inch, 12Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Comen STAR8000E Cardiac patient monitor, 5 parameter European CE approved Monitor
Save 38%
95,000.00 59,000.00
ColorWhite Optional Items / ParametersDual IBP , Etco2 , Recorder Product Dimension (mm)320x170x280mm
CONTEC CMS6000 Patient Monitor
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Save 26%
49,800.00 36,756.00
Contec CMS9200 Patient Monitor - 15 inch
Save 21%
95,000.00 75,000.00
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Screen Size 15Inch
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Screen Size 12.1Inch
Meditec 747, Multipara hospital monitoring system,12 inch Cardiac patient Monitor
Save 47%
148,000.00 78,000.00
Optional Items / ParametersIBP, EtCO2 Screen Size 12Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Medsun M8A ICU patient monitoring system, 8 inch Cardiac Monitor
Save 39%
56,986.00 35,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)210mm x 130 x 210 mm Product Weight2.3Kg Screen Size 8.4Inch
Medsun MD5100 Vital Sign patient Monitor (SpO2+NIBP+PR)
Save 66%
40,000.00 13,500.00
ColorWHITE,Black Product Weight1.5Kg
Screen Size 12.1Inch
Philips Goldway GS20 Patient Monitor -10 inch Display & 1 year warranty
Save 31%
140,000.00 97,200.00
ColorWhite Optional Items / ParametersEtCO2, Recorder, Cardiac Output Screen Size 10Inch
Philips Intellivue MX430 Patient Multipara Monitor
Save 10%
315,000.00 285,000.00
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Screen Size 8Inch
Technocare 9009B Cardiac Monitor, 12 inch Multipara Patient Monitor
Save 9%
50,000.00 45,400.00

User Interface:

Knob Touch Screen and knob
User InterfaceKnob Screen Size 12.1Inch AC input voltage100 - 240 V
Technocare TM9009C Multipara Monitor, Cardiac Monitor with 12 inch
Save 37%
70,000.00 44,300.00
Screen Size 12Inch


Cardiac monitor is a device which help to track the person’s heart activity. This machine records the electric signals produced by the heart muscle when it contracts or relaxed.

These signals display on monitor and can also be printed on paper which can be used by Doctor or nurses to check heart rhythms and rate.


Cardiac monitor is used in hospitals to monitor patients of heart problems. This machine helps to detect irregular heart rhythms. It also helps to treat and provide warnings if a patient’s heart is not in function properly, or it is unstable. With the help of this monitor, doctor can check and provide proper medication to patients to avoid any serious or dangerous heart issue.

Some cardiac monitors are portable, and it is worn by patients, either for short period or for extended period. These portable devices help to monitor a patient’s heart activity during normal activities as well as outside the hospital.

Cardiology Monitor and cardiac monitor machine

It is a monitor through which doctor and nurses check how a person’s heart is working. This cardiology monitor and cardiac monitor machine help to keep track on the heart beats pattern.

Cardiology monitor and cardiac monitor machine is connected to the patient’s body with small sticky patches and electrodes. These electrodes detect the tiny electric signals produced by the heart beats every time. Monitor display signal as wavy lines on a screen, and it is printable also.

With the help of wavy line pattern, doctors can see if the heartbeat of patients is beating normally or there are irregular rhythms. Cardiology monitor and cardiac monitor machines used for the patients who have recently had heart surgery.  This monitor helps the doctor to notice quickly any problem related to heart so right treatment can be provided at the right time. Some cardiology monitors are also portable uses for 1-2days to check regular heartbeats.


Cardiac monitor price can vary depending on the type and features. Some monitors are expensive than others.

Basic cardiac monitor

It simply displays the heart’s electrical activity on a screen, price can be around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Advanced cardiac monitor

It can record the heart activities for 24 to 48 hours; price range is between Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. This is a wearable monitor that allow patients to go anywhere while being monitored.

High-end cardiac monitor

This monitor is used in larger hospital, this has features like continuous monitoring, alarms and advanced analysis tool, price can go up to Rs. 2,00,000 or even higher.

Best cardiac monitor within budget.

BPL cardiac monitor

The BPL cardiac monitor is a medical device used to continuously observe and record heart activity. It provides real-time data on heart rate, rhythm, and electrical activity, which is crucial for diagnosing and managing cardiac conditions. Known for its accuracy and reliability, BPL's cardiac monitors are widely used in hospitals, clinics, and emergency settings to ensure timely and effective cardiac care.

Philips cardiac monitor

These monitors offer cutting-edge technology for precise patient monitoring. It has touchscreen interfaces and customised layouts. This monitor delivers real-time waveforms. These are durable and reliable.

Contec cardiac monitor

This is an affordable monitor to provide heart rate and rhythm.  These monitors are compact and portable with clear LCDs and simple operation.

Omron cardiac monitor

These monitors are designed for easy, accurate heart monitoring at home or anywhere. These are user-friendly and provide ECG readings and heart rate tracking. It is ideal for personal use and are affordable with quality.


Holter monitor

This is a small, portable device that patient’s wear for 24–48 hours.

Event Monitors

It is the same as holter monitors, but it records heart activity only when patients press a button.


Q. What is a Cardiac Monitor?

Ans. It is a device which continuously tracks and records the electrical activity of the heart.

Q. What does a cardiac monitor measure?

Ans. It measures heart’s electrical activity (ECG/ EKG), heart rate and rhythm. Some advanced monitors also track other vital signs like blood pressure, oxygen and respiration rate.

Q. When is cardiac monitoring needed?

Ans. It is needed for patients having heart issues or patients recovering from heart surgery.

Q. Are cardiac monitors only used in hospitals?

Ans. No, there are portable cardiac monitors which patients can wear while going for their daily activities.

Q. How are cardiac monitors attached?

Ans. These monitors are connected to the patient’s body with adhesive electrodes placed on the chest, arms and legs.

Q. Can cardiac monitors detect a heart attack?

Ans. These monitors can detect changes in the heart’s electrical activity that may indicate heart attack, but they cannot clearly diagnose a heart attack.