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Hospital Stands

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ACME Basin Stand Double  S.S.
Save 43%
13,819.01 7,835.52
ACME Basin Stand Double M.S.
Save 51%
11,112.19 5,413.63
ACME Basin Stand Single M.S.
Save 71%
11,824.51 3,419.14
ACME Basin Stand Single S.S.
Save 53%
11,966.98 5,670.07
Aluminium Fix Mount Stand
Save 19%
4,558.85 3,704.06
Aluminium Movable Mount Stand
Save 18%
4,843.78 3,988.99
Aluminium Movable Mount Stand with basket
Save 15%
5,556.10 4,701.31
Morbros TMI-1303 IV Stand
Save 49%
14,246.40 7,239.68
Patient Monitor Stand Wall Mount Aluminum
Save 31%
4,032.00 2,800.00
Sigma S.S. Basin Stand Single
Save 12%
4,844.00 4,273.92
Surgical Wah Basin S.S
Save 24%
460.00 350.00


35 cms 40 cms
Surgical Wash Basin SS
Save 49%
770.00 390.00


Surgix IV Stand (Mild Steel with Fiber Base)
Save 66%
12,393.92 4,245.92
Surgix IV Stand (Stainless Steel with Fibre Base)
Save 62%
13,961.92 5,270.72
Surgix IV Stand (Stainless Steel)
Save 54%
13,818.56 6,410.88
Surgix Wash Basin Stand Double M.S. with S.S Basin
Save 27%
4,273.92 3,133.76
Surgix Wash basin stand double S.S.
Save 11%
5,983.04 5,342.40
Surgix Wash basin stand single
Save 33%
2,600.00 1,750.00


M.S. S.S.
Surgix Wash Basin Stand Single M.S. with S.S Basin
Save 44%
3,561.60 1,994.72

Description of Hospital Stands :

Hospital stands are essential pieces of equipment that are designed to provide support and mobility to patients and medical professionals in the hospital setting. These stands are commonly used in hospitals and medical centers worldwide and are available in different sizes, shapes, and designs to meet the specific needs of patients and healthcare providers.

Types of Hospital Stands:

In addition to the types of hospital stands mentioned in the previous section, here are some additional types of hospital stands:
  • IV Stands: IV stands are used to hold IV poles, which are used to deliver fluids and medications to patients. They are typically adjustable and come with casters for mobility.
  • Rolling Stands: Rolling stands are versatile stands that can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to hold medical equipment, assist with patient care, and provide a stable surface for procedures. Rolling stands often come with multiple shelves or trays, making them ideal for holding multiple items.
  • Monitor Stands: Monitor stands are used to hold monitors that display patient vital signs, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen saturation. These stands are often adjustable and come with casters for mobility.
  •  Hospital Wash Basin Stand: Hospital wash basin stands are used to hold wash basins for patients to wash their hands or face. These stands often come with a foot pedal or lever for hands-free operation and are designed to be easy to clean.

Uses of Hospital Stands:

Hospital stands have a wide range of uses in healthcare settings. Some of the most common uses of hospital stands include:
  • Holding medical equipment: Hospital stands are often used to hold medical equipment such as IV poles, infusion pumps, and monitors. This helps to keep the equipment within reach and makes it easier for healthcare professionals to monitor patients.
  • Assisting with patient care: Hospital stands can be used to assist with patient care, such as holding bedpans, providing a stable surface for procedures, and helping to position patients for examinations.
  • Supporting surgical procedures: Hospital stands can be used to support surgical procedures by providing a stable surface for instruments and equipment. They can also be used to hold surgical lights and cameras.
  • Enhancing mobility: Hospital stands with casters or wheels can be used to enhance mobility in healthcare settings. They make it easier for healthcare professionals to move equipment and supplies around the hospital or clinic.

Hospital Stands Price:

ProductsPrice Range
ACME Basin Stand Double S.S.₹7,853.00 - ₹8,536.00
Surgix IV Stand (Stainless Steel)₹6,410.00 - ₹8,500.00
Patient Monitor Stand Wall Mount Aluminum₹2,800.00 - ₹3,500.00