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ECG Channel
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ECG Machine

12 Ch ECG Machine , Bionet CardioTouch 3000 with 1 year warranty
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120,000.00 78,000.00
Product Dimension (mm)290 x 300 x 97.5 mm Product Weight3.5Kg Screen Size 4.3Inch
12 Channel Electrocardiograph 12-CK
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Save 21%
95,000.00 75,000.00
Out of stock
Product Dimension (mm)347mm x 293mm x 83mm Product Weight5Kg
12 Lead Simultaneous, CE-certified, Portable, Bluetooth/App-based/Tele- ECG Machine (Wellnest® 12L Pro) with ECG Belt.
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Save 19%
48,159.00 38,999.00
3Channel  ECG Machine Concept Imaging ,D32A
Save 38%
69,960.00 43,452.00
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ColorWhite Product Weight5.6Kg Screen Size 7Inch
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ColorWhite Screen Size 5Inch
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Biocare  ECG-3010, 3 Channel ECG Machine(Electrocardiograph)
Save 37%
50,000.00 31,500.00
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)360 X 310 X 225 mm Product Weight5Kg
Biocare 12 Channel  High End ECG Machine - iE12A
Save 37%
150,000.00 95,000.00
Out of stock
Colorwhite Product Weight3.4Kg Screen Size 8.9Inch
ColorWhite Screen Size 7Inch
Biocare 8080 Resting Digital 12-channel ECG Machine
Save 14%
77,952.00 67,200.00
Screen Size 7Inch
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ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)360 X 310 X 225 mm Product Weight1.2Kg
bionet cardio 7 ECG Machine, 12 Channel
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Save 9%
159,000.00 145,000.00
Colorwhite Product Dimension (mm)300 x 299 x 123 mm Product Weight4Kg
Bionet Cardiocare 2000,12 channel ECG Machine
Save 37%
95,000.00 60,200.00
ColorWhite Product Dimension (mm)296 x 305.5 x 92.5 mm Product Weight2.98Kg
BPL 6208 View, 3 channel ECG Machine
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Save 29%
75,000.00 52,990.00
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)300mm x 260mm x 85mm Product Weight2.5Kg
BPL 6208 View, 3 channel ECG Machine
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Save 29%
75,000.00 52,990.00
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)300mm x 260mm x 85mm Product Weight2.5Kg
BPL 8108 View ECG machine, 6 Channel
Save 30%
120,000.00 83,500.00
ColorWhite Screen Size 5.7Inch AC input voltage100-240 V
BPL 9108D 12 Channel ECG Machine with 7 inch  display
Save 15%
110,000.00 93,000.00
ColorBlue Product Dimension (mm)361mmx262mmx135mm Product Weight4.2Kg
BPL Cardiart 108T DIGI ECG Machine, Single Channel
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Save 35%
30,000.00 19,500.00
AC input voltage110 - 120/220 - 240
BPL Cardiart 6108T single channel ECG machine
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Save 41%
40,000.00 23,800.00
ColorWHITE Product Weight2Kg AC input voltage100 - 240V
BPL Cardiart 9108,12 channel ECG Machine
Free shipping
Save 26%
135,000.00 99,500.00
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm)420mmx330mm x105mm Product Weight5Kg
BPL Cardiart GenX1 , Single Channel ECG Machine, with Display
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Save 30%
50,000.00 35,000.00
ColorWHITE,Black Product Dimension (mm) 300mm x 260mm x 80 mm Product Weight2Kg
BPL GENX3 ECG Machine, 3 Channel ECG Machine, Bpl ECG Machine
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Save 11%
60,000.00 53,600.00
ColorWHITE Product Dimension (mm) 300mm x 260mm x 80 mm Product Weight2Kg


Elevate your medical facility by purchasing ECG machine online at Biomed Suppliers. It's really important to have the right equipment in healthcare, and we take pride in offering world-class electrocardiogram machine from reputed brands. Trust us because we're dedicated to giving you the best. Check out our advanced ECG technology options to see how we can help your medical facility.


The cost of ECG machines varies depending on their types, features, and brands. A single-channel ECG machine is the most affordable option, while a 12-channel ECG machine comes with the highest price.

The price range for a single-channel ECG typically falls between Rs.19,500 and Rs.35,000.

The price for a 3-channel ECG ranges from approximately INR 28,500 to INR 113,000 each, while a 6-channel ECG is priced between INR 49,500 and INR 137,000.

For 12-channel ECG devices, your budget should range from INR 36,000 to Rs.200,000.

ECG Machine Price List Based on Number of Channels:

S. No.Number of ChannelsPrice Range
1.Single ChannelINR 19500 to INR 35000
2.3 ChannelINR 28500 to INR 113000
3.6 ChannelINR 49500 to INR 137000
4.12 ChannelINR 36000 to INR 200000

ECG Machine Benefits:

ECG Machine for Home
  • Conduct Testing in the Comfort of Your Home: Experience the convenience of conducting ECG tests in the comfort of your own home. Owning an ECG machine at home not only eliminates the need to rush to the hospital but also allows you to undergo tests while being cared for by your loved ones. Benefit from advanced technologies that make home ECG testing easy, including wireless ECG options, miniature ECG monitors, and seamless online data transfer.
  • Monitor Heart Irregularities During Daily Routines: Discover the convenience of wearing an ECG machine seamlessly throughout your daily activities. Easily place it under your clothes for discreet monitoring, allowing you to go about your routine with ease. While it's important to note that the device should not be worn while showering, the wireless connection to the monitor offers you the advantage of monitoring and recording your activities throughout the day.
  • Change Your Holter Monitor: Sure, Holter monitors are good for recording your heart when it's beating regularly during normal activities. But if your heart acts differently, like having irregular beats or palpitations, an ECG monitor is even better. It's a portable machine that's easy to use and affordable. This device is really helpful for checking your heart in detail and gives quick reports, making it a great tool for taking care of your heart health.
ECG Machine for Hospital

Doctors can use an EKG machine to identify heart problems or keep track of current ones. Among other benefits, an echocardiogram machine provides the following assistance:

  • Identify the origin of your chest discomfort
  • Understand the cause behind your chest fluttering.
  • Check your heart rate to discern if it is unusually fast or slow.
  • Evaluate symptoms like shortness of breath and chest tightness, as they may be indicative of heart-related issues.
  • Evaluate the overall health of your heart.
  • Assess heart health both pre- and post-surgery to ensure optimal conditions.
  • Determine the effectiveness of cardiac medication.
  • Explore the functionality of a pacemaker and understand how it works.
  • Conduct a thorough examination of your heart to identify irregularities, including skipped beats.

Different Types of ECG Machine: